Pro Team Personnel

Use of the portal is completely FREE for professional baseball teams!

  • Cost-effective: Utilizing the portal eliminates the need to invest in expensive databases or paid scouting services, reducing procurement costs for teams.
  • Wide range of options: The portal is gathering a vast pool of players and prospective coaches, including both established professionals and up-and-coming talents, giving teams access to a diverse selection of potential signings.
  • Time-saving: Our dedicated portal can save team management valuable time compared to conducting individual searches across various platforms. The portal streamlines the process by providing a centralized location for player and coach profiles and information.
  • User-friendly interface: The portal features an intuitive interface that makes it easy and efficient for users to navigate, search, and filter through player and coach profiles based on specific attributes, criteria and requirements.
  • Real-time updates: Teams may opt-in to receive real-time notification when a player is added to the portal. Players also have the ability to update their free agency status. This allows teams to stay up-to-date on player availability and make informed and timely decisions.
  • Enhanced transparency: The player portal provides comprehensive player profiles, highlighting statistics, achievements, physical attributes, and other relevant information. This transparency aids in informed decision-making during the procurement process.
  • Facilitates communication: Access to the portal enables direct contact between teams and players or prospective coaches. This facilitates efficient communication for negotiations or clarifications during the procurement process.